Contacts of professors

Frankfurt am Main J.W. Goethe University Faculty of Law

Name Research areas e-mail address
Bälz, Moritz Prof. Dr., LL.M. Japanese Law and its Cultural Foundations Baelz[eta]
Baums, Theodor Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, European Corporate Law, History of Business Law Baums[eta]
Cahn, Andreas Prof. Dr. Business Law, Law and Finance cahn[eta]
Cordes, Albrecht Prof. Dr. Medieval and Modern Legal History, Civil Law cordes[eta]
Duve, Thomas Prof. Dr. Legal History of the Early New-Age and the Modern Age, Legal History of Hispanic America, Methods of Transnational Jurisprudence duve[eta]
Fabricius, Dirk Prof. Dr. Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic Psychology Fabricius[eta]
Feichtner, Isabell Juniorprofessorin Dr., LL.M. Law & Economics Feichtner[eta]
Frankenberg, Günter Prof. Dr. Dr. Public Law, Philosophy of Law and Comparative Law Frankenberg[eta]
Gal, Jens Juniorprofessor Dr., Maître en droit European Insurance Law gal[eta]
Günther, Klaus Prof. Dr. Foundations of Criminal Law, Discourse Theory of Law, Legal Pluralism, Theories of Responsibility and Justice, Law and Literature K.Guenther[eta]
Haar, Brigitte Prof. Dr., LL.M. Comparative Corporate Governance and Securities Law (Focus: US Law), Regulation of Financial Markets, Law and Finance Bhaar[eta]
Hermes, Georg Prof. Dr. Regulatory Law (Energy, Transport), Privatization, Law of Planning, Constitutional Law (Fundamental Rights, Federalism), General Administrative Law Sekr.Hermes[eta]
Hofmann, Rainer Prof. Dr. Dr. Protection of Fundamental and Human Rights in Public International Law, European Union Law and National Constitutional Law, Refugee Law, Minority Rights and Investment Protection Law R.Hofmann[eta]
Jahn, Matthias Prof. Dr. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Economic Crimes and Legal Theory jahn[eta]
Kadelbach, Stefan Prof. Dr., LL.M. Public International Law, European Union Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law S.Kadelbach[eta]
Langenbucher, Katja Prof. Dr. Corporate Law, Securities Law Langenbucher[eta]
Maultzsch, Felix Prof. Dr., LL.M. Contract Law, Conflict of Laws and Comparative Law (Focus: European Private Law and Common Law) maultzsch[eta]
Von Mayenburg, David Prof. Dr., M.A. History of Medieval Canon Law, Early Modern Jurisprudence, History of War and Revolt, History of Medieval and Modern Era Criminal Law Mayenburg[eta]
Neumann, Ulfrid Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Criminal Law: Structures of Criminal Attribution, Legal Theory: Theories and Models of Legal Reasoning, Conceptions of “Human Dignity” u.neumann[eta]
Pahlow, Louis Prof. Dr. History of Modern and Contemporary Business Law, Natural Law and Legal Philosophy in the Modern Era, Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law (in particular Licensing Law) pahlow[eta]
Peukert, Alexander Prof. Dr. Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law A.Peukert[eta]
Pfeifer, Guido Prof. Dr. Ancient Legal History, Cuneiform Law, History of European Private Law pfeifer[eta]
Prittwitz, Cornelius Prof. Dr., M.P.A. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology and Legal Philosophy prittwitz[eta]
Sacksofsky, Ute Prof. Dr., M.P.A. Constitutional Law, Gender Relations in Law, Financial and Tax Law, Comparative Constitutional Law with a focus on US Law Sacksofsky[eta]
Siekmann, Helmut Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Money, Currency and Central Bank Law, Financial Aspects of Constitutional Law, Publicly-Owned Enterprises and Supervision of Financial Markets geld-und-waehrung[eta]
Spiecker gen. Döhmann, Indra Prof. Dr., LL.M. Public Law, Law of Information, Environmental Law, Administrative Science spiecker[eta]
Tröger, Tobias Prof. Dr., LL.M. Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law, Legal Theory troeger[eta]
Vesting, Thomas Prof. Dr. Public Law, Law and Theory of the Media T.Vesting[eta]
Waas, Bernd Prof. Dr. Labor Law and Civil Law with a focus on European and International Aspects of Labor Law Waas[eta]
Wallrabenstein, Astrid Prof. Dr. Social Insurance, in particular Health Insurance and Retirement Provision, Law of Migration and Constitutional Law Wallrabenstein[eta]
Wandt, Manfred Prof. Dr. Insurance Law wandt[eta]
Wellenhofer, Marina Prof. Dr. Family Law, Property Law, Inheritance Law and Tort Law Wellenhofer[eta]
Von Wilmowsky, Peter Prof. Dr., LL.M. Bankruptcy Law Wilmowsky[eta]
Zekoll, Joachim Prof. Dr., LL.M. Civil Law, Civil Procedure and Comparative Law J.Zekoll[eta]

Faculty of Law and Administration University of Lodz

Name Reseach areas e-mail address
Prof. Tomasz Grzegorczyk criminal procedures mpmoszczynsk[eta]
Prof. Wojciech J. Katner business and commercial law mpmoszczynsk[eta]
Prof. Małgorzata Pyziak-Szafnicka civil law mpszafnicka[eta]
Prof. Kazimierz Strzyczkowski economic public law kazimierzstrzyczkowski[eta]
Prof. Henryk Dzwonkowski financial law hdzwonkowski[eta]
Prof. Włodzimierz Nykiel tax law wnykiel[eta]
Prof. Dariusz Górecki constitutional law dariuszgorecki[eta]
Prof. Anna Wyrozumska European constitutional law awyrozumska[eta]
Prof. Małgorzata Stahl administrative law mkuzniak[eta]
Prof. Jacek Matuszewski history of the Polish state and law jamatusz[eta]
Prof. Tadeusz Szulc general history of the state and law tadeusz_szulc[eta]
Prof. Marek Zirk-Sadowski theory and philosophy of law msadowski[eta]
Prof. Ryszard Dębski criminal law rdebski[eta]
Prof. Krzysztof Indecki criminal international law kindecki[eta]
Prof. Zbigniew Góral labour law bmiros[eta]
Prof. Piotr Daranowski international law and international relations piotrdar[eta]
Prof. Wojciech Chróścielewski Polish administrative procedure wchroscielewski[eta]
Prof. Zbigniew Kmieciak comparative administrative procedure wzwierzynska[eta]
Prof. Janusz Jankowski civil procedure jankcyga[eta]
Prof. Andrzej Marciniak civil procedure marciniak-a[eta]
Prof. Zbigniew Rau political and legal thought zrau[eta]
Prof. Anna Pikulska-Radomska roman law apikulska[eta]
Prof. Maria Królikowska-Olczak European business and commercial law mkrolikowska[eta]
Prof. Zbigniew Hajn European collective labour law zbhajn[eta]
Prof. Krystyna Stefańska agriculture law wzwierzynska[eta]
Prof. Mirosław Włodarczyk social insurance and social policy law miroslaw[eta]
Prof. Jan Paweł Tarno administrative judicial system ptarno[eta]
Prof. Grzegorz Leszczyński canonical law greg[eta]
Prof. Małgorzata Król politics of law mzkrol[eta]

Vilnius University Faculty of Law

Name Research areas e-mail address
Prof. Tomas Davulis Labor law, European labor law tomas.davulis[eta]
Prof. Jurgita Paužaitė – Kulvinkienė Administrative procedure, administrative law jurgita.pauzaite[eta]
Prof. Jevgenij Machovenko History of law Jevgenij.machovenko[eta]
Prof. Daiva Petrylaitė Collective labor law Daiva.petrylaite[eta]
Prof. Valentinas Mikelėnas Civil law, Family law Valentinas.mikelenas[eta]
Prof. Vytautas Mizaras Civil law, Intellectual property law Vytautas.mizaras[eta]
Prof. Vytautas Nekrošius Civil procedure, Roman law Vytautas.nekrosius[eta]
Prof. Jonas Prapiestis Criminal law Jonas.prapiestis[eta]
Prof. Bronius Sudavičius Public finance law Bronius.sudavicius[eta]
Prof. Egidijus Šileikis Constitutional law Egidijus.sileikis[eta]
Prof. Gintaras Švedas Criminal law, International criminal law Gintaras.svedas[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Danguolė Bublienė Consumer protection Danguole.bubliene[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Lauras Butkevičius International private law Lauras.butkevicius[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Gintaras Goda Criminal procedure g.goda[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Jaunius Gumbis Philosophy of law Jaunius.gumbis[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Giedrė Lastauskienė Theory of law Giedre.lastauskiene[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Aistė Medelienė Tax law, International tax law Aiste.medeliene[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Remigijus Merkevičius Criminal procedure, Intrnational criminal procedure Remigijus.merkevicius[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Ilona Michailovič Criminology Ilona.michailovic[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Augustinas Normantas Constitutional law Augustinas.normantas[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Rimantas Simaitis Bankruptcy law, Alternative dispute resolution Rimantas.simaitis[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Andrius Smaliukas Company law, European commercial law Andrius.smaliukas[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Deividas Soloveičikas Public procurement law Deividas.soloveicikas[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Haroldas Šinkūnas Politics of law Haroldas.sinkunas[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Vaidotas Vaičaitis Comparative constitutional law Vaidotas.vaicaitis[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Vigita Vėbraitė Civil procedure, European civil procedure Vigita.vebraite[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Skirgailė Žalimienė European institutional law Skirgaile.zalimiene[eta]
Assoc. Prof. Indrė Žvaigždinienė Environmental law Indre.zvaigzdiniene[eta]

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